Proper Cleaning During A Houston Remodel

Proper Cleaning During A Houston Remodel

proper cleaning during a houston remodeling

Remodels can be a really lengthy and arduous process which ultimately leaves something amazing in the end. But sometimes the hardest part can be the cleaning. The debris and by-product of particles from a remodel such as sawdust, drywall dust, or even just remnants of the old house can cause terrible side effects after its completion.


One of the biggest offenders of allergens after a remodel is the drywall dust. Often when contractors sand the drywall mud on sheetrock, they simply let the dust flow into the air and eventually vacuum the floors once they’re done. In worse scenarios, there’s no open window and the drywall dust simply lingers in the air. If the HVAC unit is turned on, then the dust gets sucked into the vents, causing it to linger in the vents but also spread into other rooms. These particles are so tiny that many air filters actually won’t catch them, and they can set off some pretty bad allergic reactions when inhaled for moderate to long periods of time. It’s also really bad for pets.


One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is using a special sanding attachment that’s connected to a shop vacuum so that as the drywall is sanded, the majority of the debris is immediately vacuumed. This is one of the best ways to catch a huge amount of the total drywall dust. If the dust is already in the air or on the ground, using a vacuum such as rug doctor a few times over the affected area can help clean it up. If it gets into the vents, then having an A/C company that specializes in duct cleaning go through the vents will certainly improve the air quality.


Sawdust is another substance that likes to linger after some home remodel work has been done. Generally, woodwork is done from a remote shop or at least outside so that it doesn’t get into the house. Although not as bad or small as drywall dust, it’s similarly able to get in all sorts of corners and crevices. You don’t want the dust to linger in corners where it can later get pushed into other areas of the home or even in the air.


A similar solution to existing dust is to handle it with something like a rug doctor or a powerful shop vac. Rug doctors are really good not only for concrete or wood floors, but they’ll help a lot with carpets. Keeping a carpet clean during a remodel is one of the biggest challenges just because of how much stuff it can catch.


Real estate investors generally have to go through these types of issues on a home rehabilitation, so it’s important to check out some real estate investment tips to make sure the home is safe for its new inhabitants and can lead to a quick sale.

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